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Frequently asked questions

My child is new to the game (has played soccer only for one year or less). Will my child benefit from attending the Vision Training Soccer Camp?


Absolutely, new and experienced players enjoy the game more when they are able to perform at their best. Vision Training will provide your child the framework for good decision making and allow your child the best opportunity to become a better and smarter player.

How do I receive a confirmation of enrollment?


When you apply online, you receive an instant credit card receipt and confirmation. For all other applications the confirmation will be sent through email or mail within 2 weeks of receipt of application. The camp checklist, health form and directions are available by clicking on the link for the appropriate Confirmation Package.

Are teams welcome?


Teams are welcome and encouraged to attend. Two of the biggest benefits derived from attending the Vision Training Soccer Camps include an improvement in team unity, communication and creativity. Teams enrolling 10 or more players receive a discount of $20 per player. (If applying online, campers receive the $20 Team Discount as a credit card refund once the minimum of 10 players are registered. If mailing in an application with a check deposit, a credit is issued when the minimum of 10 players has registered). Coaches must email the roster of players enrolling and include his/her contact information. Please send this to Len Bilous. If you have any questions about our team program, please call Len at (610) 704-8004.

Can parents and coaches come to watch the Vision Training camp training sessions?


Yes, parent visitations are welcome at any time, but three times are recommended: at registration, during the evening games and at the closing ceremonies.

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