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Vision Training teaches players how to See The Field.

By seeing the field, soccer players identify and make the best tactical choices, improving their game in much less time than with ordinary training.

Players who attend our camps and learn the vision training program, become creative and self-confident when handling the ball.


The world's best players, such as Messi, Modric, Silva, Inniesta, Salah and Carli Lloyd, use their vision and their skills to consistently create opportunities out of seemingly nothing! We have proven that even players with average dexterity skills, dramatically improve their effectiveness after they learn to See The Field!


Seeing the field enables you to reach higher levels of play, guarantees personal success, and gives you a Competitive Advantage.

By learning the Vision Training program you:

  • become empowered to make the best decisions

  • recognize opportunities as they present themselves

  • solve problems quickly and are strong on the ball

  • become better at positioning yourself

  • become a better passer of the ball

  • become creative

Vision Training benefits all players, from the beginning player to the advanced, encouraging and supporting you to make the best decisions. All campers learn to scan the field and are instructed according to the Vision Training Camps Curriculum. All campers are evaluated by their coaches and are grouped according to age and ability, assuring that everyone is challenged to achieve their best!

At the Vision Training Soccer Camps, players learn attacking, defending and tactical skills under pressure, learn to play one-on-one and in combination with teammates. 

Directors Len Bilous and TJ Kostecky founded Vision Training Soccer in 1981.  Vision Training has made such a difference in the quality of players, TJ and Len guarantee your game will improve regardless of your age and ability.

Vision Training Soccer offer camps and 3 levels of coach certification.


Vision Training helped me and will help develop players of any age."

Claudio Reyna / Former Captain USMNT and the current director of football operations for New York City FC.

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