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Vision Training Soccer Level 1
Online Coaching Course & Videos 

Our videos, power point, and coaching manual show innovative ways you to empower your players to make the best decisions...scroll down to preview, and purchase the course!

Vision Training Soccer Level I Coaching Course

Vision Training Soccer Level I Coaching Course

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The Level I Coaching Course includes the 45 min. Instructional Video, Manual, VTS Videos Unlimited Access, Power Point Presentation, and Level I Coaching Certificate:

Course topics include:

  • How to see the field and the ball at the same time

  • How to shield, scan and spin

  • How to communicate visually

  • How to create and find openings on the field

  • How to become a better option for a pass

  • How to make effective runs

  • How to keep possession when under pressure

  • How to scan the field when receiving a pass

  • How to improve creative play

Vision Training for Soccer Instructional Video