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Here are some nice things talented soccer players and terrific coaches have said about Vision Training Soccer

Vision Training helped me and will help develop players of any age.

Claudio Reyna / Former Captain USMNT and the current Sporting Director for Austin FC.

I have seen and participated in the Vision Training program; it has helped my game, and I currently use it.

Julie Foudy / former Captain of 1999 US Women's World Cup Championship Team and Olympic Gold Medalist.

The Vision Training Video is the best new coaching video I have seen this year. The training teaches players how to see the field, be at ease and confident on the ball, and make the best decisions. At last, every player can now learn to play with vision!

Keith Tozer / one of the most successful coaches in U.S. soccer history, and the all-time winningest coach in North American indoor soccer with over 700 wins, six league championships and eight "coach of the year awards."

Vision Training is a fantastic training tool for players of all ages. After watching the Vision Training Video I was able to improve my ability to see the field and enhance my game. As a midfielder it is important for me to have the skill to see what is happening around me, and this program has done just that. I would recommend the Vision Training Video and Camps to any player who wants to truly develop the ability 'see the field'.

Jeff Larentowicz / former MLS and USMNT player

As a player, I had very good vision but as a coach I never knew how to teach it. After your session on Vision Training™ I do now."

Paulo Wanchope / Former head coach of the Costa Rican National Team and top goal scorer for Costa Rica at the FIFA World Cup. Wanchope scored two goals against Germany at the 2006 World Cup

It was so pleasing to see the Video. I now know that I am not alone. In England it is widely believed that vision cannot be taught "you either have it, or you don't". You proved in less than an hour that players without it can be trained to use their eyes to better effect. By the end of the training session those players had vision."

"The player with advanced vision is really in a quicker time zone. 10 seconds is about 60 to 70 yards on a football field, so the player who is marking such a quick thinker might as well be that far away from him. The player with vision has got it easy don't you think!!!?"

Nicholas Fenoughty / Former player of the English Premier League / In 1975 Nick scored 2 goals; won the FA Trophy in Wembley Stadium

You have surely left us with new ideas and novel ways of approaching the way we coach our players. The feedback from the coaches and players has been wonderful and enthusiastic. Your contribution will go miles in aiding the development of both our coaches and players."

Oliver Smith / Vice-president of the Turks and Caicos Football Association

I was introduced to Vision Training™ over 15 years ago and use the concepts and principles with my team on a daily basis. The more information a player can take in and the faster he can process what he sees on the field will help him make good decisions and become a better player. I think Vision Training™ does an excellent job in helping players do that."

Michael Casper / Former Men's Soccer Coach St. Francis U. Pa., NCAA Division I Northeast Conference Coach of the Year

Vision is everything and TJ Kostecky shows how to improve it with his program. We should all put more time in Vision Training™."

Marcelo Cortez / Youth coach - Rosenberg FC (Norway), Founder – Flamingo Futbal schools (Brazil)

Vision Training™ is so simple yet so crucial that its training methods can propel this country’s soccer to the next level."

Victor Pilapenko / President of the Ukrainian Youth Football Federation

Vision Training™ has pushed my teams over the edge to the next level. I often hear that for the younger age groups they need to do nothing but individual skill work on the ball and not to worry about their vision. What most don't realize is that vision training is a individual skill just like passing, trapping and dribbling. The beauty of it is when a player lacks some of skill like passing, trapping or dribbling they can make up for it by the skill they have with vision training. I believe it is vital for kids to create a habit of using their vision at a young age."

Ray Sanders / Director of Coaching, Central California Aztecs, US Soccer Development Academy

...a very professional presentation. Your narration, explanations and the demonstrations were very clear; coaches of any age group and ability level should be able to understand and implement these very important principles in all their practices. It is clearly evident from the change in the players behavior at the end that you had a positive effect on them; you included them in the learning process without being too intrusive. First time I have heard a coach on a Video asking questions to the players! Great stuff I love the use of the Socratic Method/guided questions with the players!!"

Enrique L. (Rick) Meana / Director of Coaching, New Jersey Youth Soccer

The three teams that have wholeheartedly adopted the Vision Training absolutely love the fruits of it. My girls went from 1-11-2 last year in the same league with no Vision Training and a different coach. They are 4-3 this year, in third place, and 7 of our starters are playing up a year in age. Ray's team is undefeated. And my Under 18's are second place out of twelve in the top CSL level and we have only had 13 guys all season. This stuff works. Thanks TJ!"

Greg Knittel / Director of Coaching, Bakersfield Brigade

I just finished watching your Vision Training Video and have to say it's one of the best videos I ever purchased. TJ is outstanding. Not many of the videos in my library of 30+ include a clinician who clearly explains each exercise, its purpose and uses the "coach-able moment" to drive home the point. I felt like I was on the sideline observing the training sessions. I'd highly recommend this video to anyone interested in becoming a better coach and improving the on and off ball decision making of their players. I can't wait to share this information with my club and team."

Jeff Conrad / Parkland Soccer Club U-13 Boys Coach

USSF "C" License, NSCAA Advanced Regional Diploma

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you and all the camp staff for the camp last week. It was really great to see the improvement in both teams from Monday - Friday and I really look forward to trying to continue the work with them this week. All the kids had a great time and they learned a lot in a way that was fun and kept them interested. I look forward to sending my teams your way again next year."

Wayne Hefner / U-9 Boys & U-12 Girls, Southern Lehigh Soccer Club

I would like to take a minute to say thanks for accommodating Kate. She has attended college camps in the past 2 years that are very well known and often praised as being some of the best camps in the country. Kate came home from your camp saying that this was the best soccer camp she has ever been to, she had fun, and that she learned more with you and your staff than any of the other programs. Thank you and I am sure that you will see her again next year."

John Hertzler / Proud Soccer Dad from Akron, PA

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